Beer price index: These are the cities where you can find the cheapest (and most expensive) beers in the world

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Beer lovers should head to eastern Europe to save pennies (Source: Getty)

Londoners thinking of grabbing a nice cold beer to cool down in the scorching summer sun will have to stump up more money than almost every other city in the world.

The capital is the 13th costliest spot to pick up a brew, with the average price of beer coming in at £2.92.

The cost of a bottle of beer at a bar or pub in the capital will give you little change from a fiver at £4.74, while at the supermarket £1.09 will cover the cost.

Top 10 cheapest cities for beer

Krakow  £1.07

Kiev  £1.07

Bratislava  £1.09

Malaga  £1.11

Delhi  £1.13

Ho Chi Minh City  £1.15

Mexico City  £1.26

Belgrade  £1.27

Asuncion  £1.28

Bangkok  £1.36

Eastern Europe is the place to jet off to if you're looking to get the biggest bang for your buck, while Switzerland should be crossed off your travel itinerary.

Beer prices in Krakow, Kiev and Bratislava are the cheapest in the world, where a bottle of beer at a bar will set you back as little as £1.43, or just 40 pence from the supermarket.

Top 10 priciest cities for beer

Geneva  £4.08

Hong Kong  £3.97

Tel Aviv  £3.73

Oslo  £3.42

New York  £3.36

Singapore  £3.31

Miami  £3.31

Helsinki  £3.16

Tokyo  £3.08

Abu Dhabi  £3.00

In Geneva, the average price of a brew comes in at £4.08, making it the costliest destination in the world. At £6.95, a single bottle bought in a bar will set you back almost four times as much as the cheapest city of Krakow.

The sharp appreciation of the Swiss franc spurred Geneva to the number one spot, overtaking Oslo which was the priciest in 2014, while Zurich entered the top 15, according to the beer price index from travel planning firm Goeuro.

In addition to Switzerland, Londoners can at least drink to the fact that there are pricier places to sink a pint, including New York, Tokyo and Abu Dhabi.

Beer prices in UK cities

Liverpool  £1.70  (25*)

Leeds  £1.96  (32)

Edinburgh  £2.04  (35)

London  £2.92 (63)

*global position from cheapest to costliest

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