Forbes celebrity rich list 2015: Floyd Mayweather Jr tops rankings of world's highest-paid superstars

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Mayweather has pulled in a total $300m (£190m) since last June (Source: Getty)
Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z, formerly the world’s most powerful celebrity couple, have been stripped of their title after Forbes’ annual celebrity rich list puts notorious boxing baddie Floyd Mayweather Jr in first place.
Thanks to a legendary fight with fellow boxer and number two on the list Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather is leagues ahead of the rest of the list, having pulled in a total $300m (£190m) since last June. Pacquiao lags behind with $160m to his name.
Despite two boxers making it to the top this year, Forbes’ Natalie Robehmed wouldn’t bet on the trend sticking. She said: “This year was a one-off, considering how much money was in the fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao earlier this year.
Beyonce doesn’t even rank in the top 10 for earnings this year. Instead, songstresses Katy Perry and Taylor Swift made the list, coming in at third and eighth place respectively.
The major reshuffle has been put down to Forbes changing their judging criteria.
This year, celebs are being ranked solely on their annual income, irrespective of marketing or social media klout, so it’s all about the money.
This year’s list includes 13 Brits out of a total 32 non-American entries, including DJ Calvin Harris at no. 17, and world’s highest earning chef Gordon Ramsey at no. 21. Nothing to swear about then!
CelebrityCategory2015 earnings (Forbes)
Floyd Mayweather Jr.Athletes$300m
Manny PacquiaoAthletes$160m
Katy PerryMusicians$135m
One DirectionMusicians$130m
Howard SternPersonalities$95m
Garth BrooksMusicians$90m
James PattersonAuthors$89m
Robert Downey Jr.Actors$80m
Taylor SwiftMusicians$80m
Cristiano RonaldoAthletes$79.5m

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