Greek crisis: Jean-Claude Juncker says he feels "betrayed" by Alexis Tsipras after debt negotiations fail

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The EU Commission said he will "never" let the Greek people down (Source: Getty)

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker cut a weary figure as he told a press conference today that he feels "betrayed" by Greece's refusal to consider its creditors' reform package.

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In an extraordinary Brussels press conference, Juncker said: "I feel betrayed because not enough consideration is given to my personal efforts".

He went on to argue that he had done "everything to facilitate an agreement" between Greece and its creditors, as he urged the Greek people to vote "Yes" in an upcoming referendum on whether the country should accept a bailout package on offer.

Juncker declared: "We will never let the Greek people down. And we know the Greek people don't want to let down the European Union", before adding the rather foreboding advice; "you should not commit suicide because you're afraid of death".

The referendum, called by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras after talks with its "troika" of international creditors broke down last week, will take place on 5 July.

In one of the more personal accusations made in public since Eurogroup negotiations over Greece began, Juncker argued Tsipras had "unilaterally" broken off negotiations with the move.

Greece has implemented capital controls, shutting all banks to restrict a swathe of withdrawals, following the government's failure to secure emergency funding needed to make repayments due to the International Monetary Fund and other creditors.

The Athens Stock Exchange is also shut today as other international markets were all sent lower.

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