Greek debt crisis: Should UK tourists take cash to Greece? Government imposes ATM limit on citizens as banks close

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Tourists had believed they could only withdraw €60 per day (Source: Getty)

Foreign tourists are exempt from the €60 (£38) daily limit Greece's government has imposed on ATM transactions in the country, Greek authorities have stated.

In response to a possible bank run and crisis, Greece has closed banks until after the referendum next week, and capital controls have been imposed. Worried tourists have been queuing up alongside locals to withdraw cash.

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However, if they are using credit and debit cards issued outside of Greece then foreign tourists will not be restricted by the limit.

The Greek government informs those visiting or about to visit Greece, that the announced measures restricting the movement of capital do not affect in any way those who wish to make transactions or ATM withdrawals using debit or credit cards issued abroad, the government press service said in a tourist information release.

The minister of tourism Elena Kountoura has reiterated that Greek tourism remains high and that tourists already there or who are planning to come will not be affected by any way by the events.

The attempt to reassure tourists comes as the British government urged its nationals heading to Greece to ensure they had enough cash for their trips.

"Visitors to Greece should be aware of the possibility that banking services – including credit card processing and servicing of ATMs – throughout Greece could potentially become limited at short notice," the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said, advising travellers to ensure they carry enough cash in euros to cover emergencies and unexpected delays.

Citizens in Greece will be able to pay bills online. But money is not allowed to be moved to offshore accounts, in accordance with capital controls that have been imposed amidst fear that talks between Greece and its creditors will not be successful and will end up in a Grexit.

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