Tunisia beach massacre: Government warns over risk of more terrorist attacks

Caitlin Morrison
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A single gunman, identified as Saif Rezgui, opened fire at a beach (Source: Getty)
The British foreign office has warned against travelling to Tunisia, following the murders of 39 holidaymakers at Port El Kantaoui near Sousse last Friday.

A single gunman, identified as Saif Rezgui, opened fire at a beach in the holiday resort, in an attack that has left at least five British citizens dead, with several others wounded.

Yesterday, the foreign office said: “Further terrorist attacks in Tunisia, including in tourist resorts, are possible, including by individuals who are unknown to the authorities and whose actions are inspired by terrorist groups via social media.”

Hundreds of armed police patrolled the streets of Tunisia’s  beach resorts yesterday, and the country’s government said it will deploy hundreds more inside hotels.

On Saturday, airlines Thomson and First Choice sent planes to the north African country to evacuate British tourists, with as many as 3,500 holidaymakers flown out since Friday.

Thomson has cancelled all holidays to Tunisia for the next week.

Meanwhile, security at Wimbledon, which starts today, has been tightened following the tragedy, as well as terrorist attacks in France and Kuwait, which also took place on Friday.

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