From Tesco and the Northern Powerhouse to self-control and politeness: Here's what got us talking this week

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Happiness mapped: This baby almost certainly lives in Parsons Green (Source: Getty)

Here's what got us talking this week

1) When it comes to happiness, south London is best
Yup, if you're among the happy few to live in Parsons Green, Norwood, Dulwich or Barnes you are sitting pretty. Those in Tooting, Aldgate and Nine Elms should be feeling pretty annoyed right about now.
2) Tories have better self-control
If you find yourself struggling not to eat that last slice of pizza, chances are you're a bit of a lefty, while those who can say without a second thought tend to fall into the Tory camp. Right-wingers have better self-control it seems – but the research insists there's no difference in intelligence.
If you are on the side of those who just can't say no, this computer game could be for you. Scientists created it to stop us snacking and help lose weight. For those who prefer brain training to hitting the gym.
3) Tesco's shareholders are not revolting
Or at least not as much as some might like to think. Despite efforts to encourage a few no votes, shareholders passed all Tesco's resolutions at Friday's AGM, including executive pay. Still that didn't stop a few choice remarks from the floor. One shareholder complained that the supermarket had become “the Ryanair of retail – the only difference being that people still want to fly with Ryanair” while another joked that if it had got the sums right on its annual report it would become a "collector's item".
4) Politeness might cost you nothing, but it costs your businesses a whole lot
It turns out us Brits are too nervous of appearing rude to ask the tough questions at work and it's costing the economy money.
5) We're all getting on a bit
It might not be something to celebrate, but the UK is older than it's ever been before. Our average age is 40 – up nearly seven years from 1974. And it's being driven mostly by one thing.

Chart of the Week

Manchester's Moss Side (Source: Getty)

How is the Northern Powerhouse project affecting house prices? It all depends on which industries the regions have embraced...

Leisurely reads

With all the talk of Brexit, this piece looking at how important the EU is to UK trade is worth a read.
Meanwhile the humble bowler-hatted doorman was once a tell-tale sign of a prestigious London address. But he’s quickly being replaced by a tenacious new breed of concierge. Meet these uncompromising, multilingual men and women who are on hand day or night to arrange anything from a plumber to private jet.
And our Leap 100 tackles the latest in a series of hot topics – this month the subject going under the microscope is immigration and the great skills race.

Great reads from elsewhere

If you're surprised by the number of people you know at Glastonbury this weekend (or, if you're casually wasting valuable battery minutes reading this) you need to reset your stereotypes. This Economist article explores how outdoor music festivals are becoming a middle age pursuit.
Lastly, this is less a read and more an experience, but if you like having incredible experiences from the safety of your sofa why not check out what it would be like to climb to The Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite – the most iconic rock climb – with this Google Streetview interactive.

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