Yes, London is finally getting a Night Tube, but we're way behind other European capitals

Clara Guibourg
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The first Night Tube will run on 12 September 2015 (Photo: Getty).

As of this autumn, Londoners will be able to take the train home any time of night. Although this is welcomed by travellers, the UK will hardly be the first EU country with a Night Tube.

Of the 18 EU capitals that have a metro system, more than half already run either through the night or at least have an extended service on weekend nights - and even more are planning to introduce it, writes Transport for London:

We know that other major cities are starting to look at all-night operation at weekends.

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Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Vienna already have trains running through the night for late night weekend revellers.

Copenhagen’s metro system is perhaps the most futuristic of all. Not only has it been running 24/7 every day for 13 years, but it also has driverless trains. The same system is scheduled to hit London rails in 2022, according to Transport for London plans.

Other European cities, including Warsaw, Paris and Madrid run extra-late services, until 2-3am on weekend nights.

London's Night Tube will start running 12 September on the Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria lines.

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