Here's how Royal Mail wants to turn itself around: Targeted junk mail based on your online shopping

Emma Haslett
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Royal Mail chief executive Moya Greene has complained "stiff competition" in the parcels market has affected its growth (Source: Getty)

It hasn't been an easy few months for Royal Mail since it went public - but now the company has a secret weapon: targeted junk mail based on your online shopping habits.

The company has already begun a "secret pilot" with a large UK retailer, the Daily Mail reported, with mail sent to households if they so much as add an item to their online shopping baskets.

The retailer uses cookies to match online shoppers with their addresses, sending a letter to them within a few days encouraging them to buy.

Ofcom announced last week that Royal Mail's direct delivery business will be the subject of a "fundamental" review after its main competitor, Whistl, withdrew from the market.

Although Royal Mail has heavy competition in the parcels delivery market, it is the only company in direct delivery.

However, shares in the company have slipped since May last year as its position in the parcels market became increasingly threatened. In November chief executive Moya Greene said Amazon's entry into the market could be a "serious threat".

"The growth rate here has been halved in the wake of stiff competition from the likes of TNT, DHL and now Amazon," she said.

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