Top UK business figures Helena Morrissey and Mark Littlewood back calls for EU reform or Brexit

Caitlin Morrison
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Helena Morrissey has put her name to the report (Source: Getty)
Several top UK business leaders have backed a new report from Business for Britain (BfB) which states that if Britain cannot establish a new relationship within the EU, it should prosper outside it.

Helena Morrissey, of Newton Investment Management and Mark Littlewood, director general of the Institute of Economic Affairs, are among the BfB members who put their names to the report, which is to be serialised in the Daily Telegraph this week.

BfB said: "Change, or go: How Britain would gain influence and prosper outside an unreformed EU," will show "how the current terms of Britain's EU membership are not only unacceptable, but how a structurally flawed Eurozone is headed for either integration or disintegration."

Jon Moynihan, chair of the BfB editorial board and former head of PA Consulting, said: "This report makes clear that the perception of business leaders is right: staying as we are within an unreformed EU is the worst of all options."

Lucy Thomas at Business for New Europe, said BfB was "missing a vital point" with its report: "If we vote to leave it isn't Britain that decides what any new deal looks like, it's the other EU leaders."

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