Pret-a-Protest: Sandwiches provoke boos

Edith Hancock
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If Saturday’s protest taught us anything, it’s that people love swearing. A small group of 20 protestors – salacious banners in-tow – jeered at people going into the local Pret-a-Manger for a much needed tea-break. “I was booed mercilessly for going to Pret,” activist Sophie Higgins told The Capitalist: “I should’ve seen it coming really.” Another protestor Aidan Philips said: “One glorious placard [read] ‘f--k the f--king f--kers!”. You tell ‘em!

■ Yesterday saw tens of thousands of ladies descend on Hackney to take part in Nike’s 10km run around Victoria Park, but people seemed to be more interested in the freebies on offer. Lifestyle brands from across the country came out to sell their wares to weary runners. To start the day off, you could get a balanced breakfast from their very own toast bar, set up by purveyors of healthy peanut-butter Pip & Nut, before heading to Spotify’s silent disco tent to get themselves in the zone. Once on the track, racers were bombarded with energising and hydrating treats from fizzy drinks giants Coca-Cola’s healthier Glaceau “smart-water” range. It wasn’t all green smoothies and nut-butters though. Those who managed to finish in good time were treated to a glass of cava courtesy of Spanish wine producers Friexenet. Well honestly, who doesn’t like free stuff?

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