Britons spend 24 days a year procrastinating

Emma Haslett
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Building houses of cards: how people procrastinated before Facebook (Source: Getty)

The average British worker spends 11 hours a week - that's 24 days a year - putting things off, new research has suggested - with the majority of people choosing to watch TV instead.

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The study, by life insurer Beagle Street, showed the most common activity people procrastinate about is (surprise, surprise) planning for their financial future, with 12 per cent of people putting it off.

Another 11 per cent put off exercising, while nine per cent sack off doing household chores. That's followed by dieting, DIY, going to the dentist and "doing important work".

Instead, 16 per cent said they watch TV, while 10 per cent said they make a cup of tea or coffee, and another 10 per cent said they eat. People also said they browse social media, clean the house - or simply have a nap.

Among the UK's biggest procrastinators are those living in Belfast, who spend an average of 63 hours a month putting things off, while those in Leeds spend 54 hours a month, and Londoners come third, spending 53 hours a watch messing around.

Although, coming in the same week new research suggested watching cat videos is actually good for you (and we don't even tend to feel guilty about it), maybe that's a good thing...

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