A Londoner has been fitted with the world's most life-like bionic hand

Sarah Spickernell
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The hand is as similar as possible to a real hand (Source: Steeper)

A 29-year-old woman from London has been given the most-life-like bionic hand ever created.

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Nicky Ashwell, who was born without a right hand, was fitted with the prosthetic at the London Prosthetics Centre, and is now able to use both hands for the first time in her life.
Created by artificial limb company Steeper, it weighs about the same as a bar of chocolate and uses Formula 1 technology to operate. In terms of measurements, its structure is as similar as possible to a real hand.

The hand uses Formula 1 technology (Source: Steeper)

The hand is the most realistic imitation of an actual hand (Source: Steeper)

Ashwell said the hand “immediately opened up so many more possibilities” for her, and that its movements “come easily and look natural”.

Ted Varley, Steeper's technical director, said the trend was for technology to get “more intimate”.
An accurate skeletal structure was firstly developed, with the complex technology then specifically developed to fit within this in order to maintain anatomical accuracy. In other myoelectric hands the technology is developed first, at the expense of the life-likeness.

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