UK inflation: 33 charts showing how UK inflation rate compares to every inflation rate in every EU country

Billy Ehrenberg
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The UK exited deflation in May, according to the ONS. In April consumer prices went on a brief foray into negative territory, but returned to meagre growth of 0.1 per cent for the year to May.

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The Eurozone is beginning to get to grips with its own disinflation issues. With all eyes on Greece's economy, Athens can find no respite in inflation figures - deflation in Greece hit -1.8 per cent in April, although that figure is 0.1 percentage points better than March's 1.9 per cent. The country with the highest inflation is Malta, with 1.4 per cent.

No EU country comes close to the European Central Bank's target of just below two per cent. The rate for the Eurozone rose to 0.3 per cent in May, but individual data is not yet available for all constituent nations.

Here are the inflation rates of EU and Eurozone countries, with a couple of extras as well. Red lines indicate deflation and green inflation. The figures are for April, the last month for which there is complete data. We've included Iceland, the US, and Norway for reference.


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