IT, engineering, sales: These are the sectors that need summer workers the most

You, too, could be getting all your summer sun during your lunch hour... (Source: Getty)
As the summer jobs market heats up, demand is highest for temps, according to a survey released today by recruitment specialists CareerBuilder: some 39 per cent of the 400 employers polled intend to hire staff this summer.
In further good news for job hunters, nearly three quarters - 72 per cent, of those surveyed reported that they will be considering taking on summer staff full-time.
Recruits in customer service and information technology are the second most sought after by employers this summer, with 36 per cent of respondents who are considering hiring this summer looking for extra staff in these areas.
However they failed to snatch the top spot with office support leading the way at 38 per cent.
At the other end of the pile, only 2 per cent of employers in the tourism sector are looking for extra summer workers, with landscape and maintenance just ahead at 4 per cent.
Overall the survey will give a boost to jobseekers looking to pick up extra skills and gain new experience.
Scott Helmes, managing director at CareerBuilder UK said that seasonal work can be a great gateway to long-term employment.
“Although the jobs recovery has been slow, our findings show ample opportunities for those looking for seasonal work.”
Employers also gave their top tips to recruits looking to turn a summer job into a permanent position.
Being proactive and asking for more work is the best way to get a full-time role according to employers, while getting to know your colleagues and asking if they need help are great ways to boost your chances of securing a permanent job.

The sectors searching for summer temps

IT - 29 per cent of businesses

Sales - 28 per cent

Engineering - 19 per cent

Construction/painting - 18 per cent

Hospitality/leisure - 18 per cent

Manufacturing - 17 per cent

Research - 17 per cent

Restaurant/food service - 13 per cent

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