From London property prices and London smells to World Gin Day and naked cyclists: Here's what got us talking this week

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Bond Street would be the most expensive place on a modern-day monopoly board (Source: Getty)
Here's what got us talking this week
1. We should be paying for property with Monopoly money
We wish it was that easy. This week were learned just how much of a share up there has been in the price of homes in London – by comparing them to the humble Monopoly board. And that is affecting demographics too – apparently Mayfair has been a “resort” for 20-somethings, a far cry from its post-war image. It's not all up-up-up, though, with property giant CBRE warning that Brexit could really hurt the sector. Meanwhile we learned that Londoners are seriously losing out when it comes to those stamp duty reforms.
2. London has a smell all of its own
3. Today is World Gin Day. And also Naked Cyclists in London Day
It sounds like a strange combination but you can either celebrate one by getting your drinking hat on or celebrate the other by getting your kit off. Probably best not to mix them up (at least until after the bike ride has finished). And if you are looking for a drinking partner, here's a list of the top 10 men and women that us Brits would most like to have a pint with.
4. Middle class kids are selfish – and it's hurting their health
Turns out we learn whether to be altruistic or not at a really young age. But whether we like helping others or not, you can't stop the fact that being selfish raises your stress levels and hurts your health.
5. The things we can't live without now are very different to those in 1890s

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