Labour leadership race: Who is backing who in the battle to succeed Ed Miliband?

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Of the five leadership candidates, three currently have enough fellow MPs backing them (Source: Getty)

Labour leadership nominations are nearing the end of their first week, as candidates weigh up their options for their prospective bids for power.

While Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall each have enough MPs backing them for a place on the leadership ballot, two more candidates for leader are currently vying for a place.

As nominations closes on 17 June, with candidates needing the backing of 35 Labour MPs to be placed on the ballot, we've looked at the constituencies of the MPs who are backing each candidate.

Some 186 Labour MPs, out of 232, have so far nominated a leader for their party, while 163 MPs have nominated a deputy.

Use the map below to find out who each constituency's MP is backing in the contests.

Labour leadership contest: Andy Burnham draws on the north

While the favourite to win the leadership, Burnham, is a popular candidate in several regions, he draws on the most support - as a proportion of the total Labour MPs declared - from north England and Wales.

Just under 50 per cent of Labour MPs from north east England back Burnham, while he also enjoys the support of half of Welsh Labour MPs and 57 per cent of those from the North West.

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Yvette Cooper is favourite with London and Midlands MPs, while Liz Kendall is drawing proportionately more support from south east England.

Jeremy Corbyn and Mary Creagh are each struggling to reach the 35-MP quota - with 16 and nine supporters respectively.

Deputy leadership contest: Tom Watson dominates

Caroline Flint and Tom Watson are the only two deputy leader candidates with the backing of 35 MPs so far - with 37 and 56 supporters respectively. The others are on around 20 MPs each, so it is likely one or two of the prospective candidates will back out of the race.

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Tom Watson is the favourite candidate among MPs from North East England, North West England, West Midlands, East Midlands, South East England and London.

Caroline Flint, however, is more popular in Wales and Yorkshire. About a third of MPs from Wales have so far backed her, while 27.8 per cent of Yorkshire Labour parliamentarians have.

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