Liverpool spend more per goal than any other Premier League club

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The cost of a single goal was higher for Liverpool than any other club in England (Source: Getty)

If goals and entertainment is what Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG) want from their team, they won't be happy with the output from Brendan Rodgers' men last season.

In terms of goals scored, Liverpool spent more than the rest of the Premier League last season - despite the fact they only had the fifth-largest wage bill in the division in 2014.

Liverpool's 2014 wage bill stood at £143.7m, according to website Company Check which stores every account filed to Companies House in the UK. After only scoring 52 goals this season, the website's study found that every goal scored by the Reds cost the club £2.8m - the highest level in England.

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Manchester United and Manchester City follow close behind having spent £2.7m and £2.5m per goal respectively, while Crystal Palace got the best value in the league at just £11,725 spent on wages per goal.

The highest overall wage bill belonged to mega-bucks City, who spent £205m paying their employees across the year, with Chelsea (£176.6m), United (£165.4m), Arsenal (£163m) following before Liverpool and their £143.7m wage bill.

Explore the full table here to find out how your teams' wage bills and turnover fared against others.

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