Tower Hamlets mayoral election: Police will be monitoring voting tomorrow to curb "fraudulent activity"

Catherine Neilan
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A polling station in Bethnal Green during last year's local elections (Source: Getty)
It's not just voters who are heading to the polls in Tower Hamlets tomorrow – there will be a heavy police presence too.
The Metropolitan Police will be overseeing the highly contested mayoral election, with officers stationed at polling booths around the borough in an effort to curb "fraudulent activity".
Additional officers are being deployed during the day (June 11), although they will all be from Tower Hamlets “and therefore have an understanding of the local area and its communities”.
Police officers have had joint training with Tower Hamlets Returning Officer's staff “so there is a clear understanding of the different areas of responsibility”.
“Police officers will intervene to stop large groups of people from obstructing or intimidating voters if this happens,” a statement said.
During the last election, held in May 2014, there were claims that voters had been obstructed or intimidated at polling stations.
Lutfer Rahman, who was already in the role, was re-elected, but the result was declared void by the Election Commissioner earlier this year.
Rahman was found guilty of electoral fraud, removed from office with immediate effect and barred from re-standing for the position of mayor. His party, Tower Hamlets First, was subsequently removed from the register of political parties.
However he has endorsed former colleague Rabina Khan.
The police statement said teams would “ensure that it plays its part to protect the integrity of the electoral process”.
It added: “Officers are proactively monitoring all information and intelligence and where there are the grounds, will take action to prevent offences from being committed. Anyone who has any information about any possible offences is urged to contact police.”

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