TTIP vote delayed after MEPs put forward 200 amendments

Catherine Neilan
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TTIP: There have been widespread demonstrations against the agreement throughout Europe (Source: Getty)
TTIP, the controversial trade deal between the EU and US, could be delayed indefinitely after more than 200 amendments were tabled by MEPs at the last minute.
The European Parliament was expected to vote on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership today but President Martin Schulz has been forced to pushed it back after more than 200 amendments to the agreement were put forward.
"It's panic in parliament," Green MEP Yannick Jadot told AFP.
Opposition is strongest from the Socialists and Democrats group, but pressure has also been applied by lobbyists who oppose the deal, which is designed to increase trade between the two economic blocs.
Critics – who claim it would increase corporate power and make it difficult for governments to intervene – have been hugely vocal, however, and there have been widespread demonstrations held against the deal throughout Europe.
In the UK, one of the biggest concerns lies around corporate involvement in state-run operations, specifically the NHS.
One of the amendments being sought would exclude a controversial mechanism for resolving disputes with investors from the trade deal, over fears it could effectively allow companies to bypass national courts if they feel their investments are under threat.
Brussels has proposed a separate investment court but Washington insists the current arrangements are adequate.
Hundreds of demonstrations were held across Europe in April against the deal, which US and European leaders have vowed to press through by next year.

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