The UK is building a new Royal Navy ship to defend against “Russian aggression”, says defence secretary Michael Fallon

Sarah Spickernell
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Obama voiced concerns about the UK's defence spending at the G7 summit (Source: Getty)

The UK is getting a new Royal Navy ship to guard against “Russian aggression”, defence secretary Michael Fallon has confirmed.

Speaking at BAE's Govan shipyard in Glasgow, he said the HMS Medway would build on Britain's commitment to global security amid a rise in threats from Russia and elsewhere.
"In recent months you have seen a more aggressive Russia sailing submarines and ships close to our coast, moving aircraft into our airspace, so it's very important that we continue to strengthen and modernise our defences,” he said. "This ship today is very much part of that."
The United States wants all European countries to do more to defend themselves with the rise of Russia and the aggression that we have seen in the east, and the very direct threat of ISIL (Islamic State) and instability in the Middle East, to the streets of London, Paris and Brussels.
At the G7 conference in Bavaria, US President Barack Obama said he was concerned the UK's budget cuts would cause its defence spend to fall below the two per cent of GDP required by Nato.
David Cameron reacted to Obama's comment by saying the UK is ordering the “largest aircraft carriers that the Royal Navy has ever had”.
“We have the A400Ms, we have the Joint Strike Fighters on their way,” he said.

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