G7 summit: US President Barack Obama makes clear he wants UK to stay in EU

Sarah Spickernell
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The two leaders met today in (Source: Getty)

President Barack Obama said earlier today the US has “no closer partner around the world” than the UK, but made it clear he wants the Britain to remain part of the EU.

He made the comment at the start of the annual G7 conference in Bavaria, during bilateral talks with Prime Minister David Cameron.
"I would note that one of the great values of having the United Kingdom in the European Union is its leadership and strength on a whole host of global challenges.,” he said.
"So we very much are looking forward to the United Kingdom staying part of the European Union because we think its influence is positive not just for Europe, but also for the world."
Cameron has promised to hold an in-out referendum on membership by the end of 2017, but is first trying to renegotiate Britain's membership terms with the bloc.
He faces increasing pressure from Eurosceptic members of his party to make huge demands, with many indicating they are ready to campaign for an exit.
Obama's comments were his strongest hint yet that he does not want this to happen.

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