Conservatives for Britain: 50 Tory MPs form group for EU referendum no vote if Cameron's renegotiations fail

Lynsey Barber
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MP group add pressure to Cameron's EU negotiations (Source: Getty)

A group of more than 50 Tory MPs have formed a pressure group which will campaign for Britain's exit from Europe if David Cameron fails to renegotiate membership.

The Conservatives for Britain (CfB) will support the Prime Minister's efforts to negotiate a better deal for Britain in the EU and is backed by former cabinet ministers Owen Paterson and John Redwood.

However, a failure to produce radical changes will see the group campaign for Britain to leave the EU in the referendum which is due to take place by the end of 2017.

“We wish David Cameron every success but, unless senior EU officials awake to the possibility that one of the EU’s largest members is serious about a fundamental change in our relationship, our recommendation to British voters seems likely to be exit," said Steve Baker, the Tory MP chairing the new group in Westminster, writing in the Telegraph.

It follows Cameron's tour of Europe in which he met with top leaders to win support for reforms.

The group believes it can increase its supporters to more than 100 MPs, increasing pressure on the PM to win new terms for Britain's EU membership.

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