Joggers beware: City of London Corporation warns runners to avoid summer smog hotspots

Catherine Neilan
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Avoid smog hot spots when jogging, the City of London Corporation has warned (Source: Getty)

The City of London Corporation has warned joggers to avoid key “summer smog” hotspots around the capital.

The corporation has advised against running on streets including Upper and Lower Thames Street, the junction around Bank, Bishopsgate into Gracehurch Street and Farringdon Street into New Bridge Street during periods with high pollution, adding that those episodes are likely to become more frequent as we head into summer.
Jon Averns, public protection director at the City of London Corporation, said: “In London on most days the air quality is acceptable. But central London can be vulnerable to summer smog air pollution which occurs during hot weather in built-up urban areas.
“This type of smog can cause high pollution episodes, which are bad for everyone, but particularly dangerous for people with existing respiratory, heart or lung problems. During very bad pollution episodes, even a normally fit and healthy person can experience issues.
“Strenuous exercise means deeper breathing and more particles inhaled into the lungs, so we are calling on Londoners to plan their travel routes and avoid jogging through pollution hot spots.”
To help the capital's runners the City of London has created a free “idiot's guide” phone app that details low-pollution routes and alerts users to high pollution episodes. The CityAir app also has its own website, here.
It also gives tips on lowing emissions.
And here are those key areas to avoid:

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