How people in relationships spend almost £2,500 a year than their single friends

Emma Haslett
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They won't look quite so blissful when they check their bank balances... (Source: Getty)

They say it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all - but it turns out that actually, if you're a perpetual singleton, your wallet will thank you.

A new study from insurance comparison site has found that those in relationships shell out an average of £2,340 a year.

All those smug brunches and couples' retreats add up: people in relationships spend £144 a month more on socialising than their single friends, with food and household essentials costing them £52 more more. Almost half of those with a partner reckon they spend money on eating out, compared with 37 per cent of single people. Similarly, about one in five people in couples regularly splash cash on weekends away, compared with 13 per cent of singletons.

And bafflingly, those with partners spend £538 a month on household costs such as rent, mortgage and bills, compared with £421 for single people. That's despite the fact that 53 per cent of single people live alone, while 84 per cent of those in relationships live with their partner, which suggests they could be splitting rent and bills.

Next time your eyes meet with someone else's across a crowded room, think of your wallet first...

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