One chart showing which government departments will face the biggest cuts

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George Osborne will deliver a new budget on 8 July (Source: Getty)

The government on Thursday announced it will be making £4.5bn in cuts in an effort to bring down the nation’s debt.

Part of the savings will be made by selling of the remaining 30 per cent of Royal Mail, but much will come from departments. £2.7bn (and a further £345,000,000 from the Kings cross property assests) should be shaved from expenditure, but which departments will face the biggest cuts?

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Those departments facing the biggest total amount in cuts (defence, for example, faces £500m in cuts) are not necessarily the hardest hit: that's just 1.8 per cent of their budget. The interactive below allows you to explore the data.

Departments higher up on the chart have bigger budgets, while those further to the right are facing the biggest cuts as a proportion of their total spend. The size of the bubbles represents the total amount saved.

The NHS and schools have protected budgets, and so were not included in the cuts to health and education departments.

Hover over (click on mobile) the bubbles to find out more information about the individual departments.

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