Morrisons AGM: The best quotes so far

Catherine Neilan
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Morrisons narrowly avoided demotion from the FTSE 100 yesterday - but that wasn't enough to impress shareholders (Source: Getty)
It might not be quite as explosive at last year's event but the annual general meeting of troubled supermarket Morissons is shaping up to be another lively affair.

The best lines so far

A shareholder on new chief executive David Potts: “It's nice to hear the new chief executive talking English. The predecessor [Dalton Philips] did speak English words but he spoke like a politician."
New chairman Andrew Higginson on nearly dropping out of the FTSE 100: "It's been a reminder that humility is required to regain a more secure place"
Higginson on the £3m pay deal Philips was awarded last year: “It was the minimum, legally, we could make.”
Shareholders weren't convinced by Higginson's appointment:

Shareholders on the Morrisons' board:




“Are you all just failed Tesco execs?”







There was more on that theme, with one shareholder saying: “The board clearly didn't know its backside from its elbow for the last three years.”
A shareholder on Morrisons' self-service system: “Sometimes I think it's going to make me jump in the bag.”
Shareholders also wanted to know what was happening with Morrisons' advertising:

Morrisons AGM on Ant & Dec:


Shareholder: "They bring nothing into stores."


Higginson: "They're no more [in the ads] ... however nice they are."



Last year was particularly memorable after founder Sir Ken Morrison told former chief executive Dalton Philips had had “a lot more bullshit than I have” - the joke being that Sir Ken now manages a 1,000-acre farm with plenty of cattle.

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