Newcastle receive more TV money than every club outside top four except Liverpool

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Morbid fascination: Newcastle received more money from TV facility fees than any club in the bottom half (Source: Getty)

Despite a wretched season that saw Newcastle only secure survival on the last day season, the Mike Ashley-owned club received more money from Premier League TV fees than every single club outside the top four and Liverpool.

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Newcastle received £16.2m in "facility fees" (the income a club receives when broadcast live on TV) last season - at least £6m more than any other club in the bottom half of the table and even more than fifth-placed Europa League qualifiers Tottenham Hotspur.

Despite a miserable campaign that will be remembered more for a manager's departure, fan protests and Paul Dummet's hilarious own goal than any sensational performances - the TV cameras couldn't keep away from the soap opera at St. James' Park.

The Magpies made 20 live TV appearances during the Premier League season. The only other club in the bottom half to have more than 15 were Everton with 17. Even Tottenham, who ended up in fifth, had just 18 live games broadcast.

Official figures released by the Premier League today reveal that Newcastle received £77.8m of the league's TV and commercial revenue. On top of the £16.2m in facility fees, the North East club giants made just under £22m from their "equal share" of TV money (the same figure for every club), £7.5m for their 15th place finish, £27.8m from overseas TV rights (the same for every club) and £4.4m in "central commercial" payments (again, the same for all clubs).

The figures demonstrate not only the attractiveness of Newcastle's sizable fanbase to broadcasters, but could also be used as further evidence of Newcastle's supposed underachievement in recent years.

Newcastle, who were recently named the 19th richest club in the world by Deloitte, enjoyed big revenues of £129.7m last season but invested only a small percentage in the squad.

In fact, if divided by points won throughout the season, Newcastle's owners enjoyed the second-biggest windfall for smallest gain in the league, making £1.99m for every point won. Only Queens Park Rangers, with £2.16m per point, enjoyed a higher ratio.

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