WWDC 2015: Apple Music, iOS 9, Apple TV and a new OS X - but no selfie sticks - what you need to know about Apple’s developer conference

Lynsey Barber
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It’s that time of year, and no sooner have we been offered a host of goodies by Google, than Apple’s developer conference WWDC will be dropping even more juicy tidbits about what tech toys we’ll soon be playing with.

Fresh from huge success with the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, Monday 8 June will see boss Tim Cook and co chat all things apps, design, hardware and much more.

Here’s what we’re expecting…

1. Apple Music

Remember when Apple bought Beats? It wasn’t just drawn by the brand’s hugely popular headphones. Also part of that billion-dollar deal was a subscription streaming service, and it’s expected to rebrand (in addition to some technical tinkering from those Apple geniuses, of course) in a bid to create a Spotify killer.

iTunes may have invented mainstream music downloading, but Apple failed to keep up with the switch to streaming. Now it wants its crown back, and as we’ve seen, even when it’s not first to market, it can still do it better - just look at the Apple Watch.

It’s not just Spotify that should be worried - the world of streaming is hotting up this year, with JayZ’s Tidal and YouTube Music Key, Google’s music video subscription service.

Gloves on.

2. iOS 9 and OS X 10.11

Apple’s latest operating systems for iPhones and iPads and Macs will most likely get an unveiling at WWDC.

While it may not yet be a full-blown launch for the operating system, we’re expected to be given idea of what it will offer. And while some of the updates may appear minor they could be useful.

That includes, more iphone shortcuts for better (read, quicker) navigation and improved maps that guide users with transport options and times (similar to Google and apps like Citymapper).

Dual app viewing could be coming to the iPad in a bid to raise flagging interest in the device. That means users can use two apps at the same time on screen - it might not sound revolutionary, but it’s a godsend to multi-taskers.

iOS 8 was a bit of a horror show for Apple, so this update should have had some extra special attention paid to it to avoid a repeat

And there may be a new font. Not useful, perhaps, but nice looking. It's the one used on the Apple Watch.

3. Apple TV

Everyone's been talking about Apple's subscription TV service and its ability to kill cable networks in the US.

That may very well still happen, but WWDC will not now host the big reveal for the service, due to wranglings with the networks.

The service, which appears to be mainly US focused for now, would have around 25 channels from the likes of ABC and Fox in a Netflix-style offering.

4. Selfie stick

This is one thing you won't see at WWDC - which, incidently, you can watch the live stream for here.

In an amusing turn of events, the iPhone may have been a crucial cog in the creation of the selfie, and thus the emergence of the selfie stick, but Apple is not a fan and has banned them from the event entirely.

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