Good news: It's National Leave the Office Early Day

Catherine Neilan
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Stop pretending to read that report and get out of the office (Source: Getty)
There may be some US imports to grumble about but this surely isn't one of them.
June 2 is National Leave the Office Early Day, a holiday (in the loosest sense of the word) designed to encourage better productivity among teams by allowing them a little time off.
It was invented by so-called productivity pro Laura Stack, a US personality, speaker and author who has built her reputation on giving companies advice on how to get the best out of their staff.
She argues you can do more by doing less, and exiting the office an hour or two ahead of time is just one of the ways to do exactly that.

Feeling this happy? (Source: Giphy)

And while technically it is more of a US thing, we have a feeling it is going to be adopted by as many Britons as can get away with it...

Or this happy? (Source: Giphy)

But while we're sure it will catch on soon, we're not sure employers are quite there just yet. Time to start working on those excuses...

That's the one (Source: Giphy)

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