100 Southern, Thameslink, London Overground trains cancelled, delayed after Forest Hill trees block London Bridge line

Catherine Neilan
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The trees have caused havoc with this morning's commute (Source: Getty)
More than 100 trains were cancelled or delayed before 11am this morning, as a result of the trees that had blown over onto a major route into London Bridge – and the number is only going to get bigger as the day goes on.
To put that figure into context, there were 22 trains going into London Bridge that were delayed or cancelled on average over the last 28 days, making this morning's total more than five-times the usual for a full day's timetable, according to data compiled by DelayRepay.net.
Commuters were unable to travel in on Southern or London Overground trains between Norwood Junction and New Cross Gate, while several other services into London Bridge or Canada Water were suffering from delays.
Although the trees have now been removed from the track near Forest Hill, south London, the disruption is expected to continue until around 3pm today.
Naturally passengers responded to the disruption on social media
A not-for-profit startup, designed to encourage commuters to claim compensation, tweeted the extent of the disruption:
Southern and Thameslink, which was also affected, suggested affected passengers recoup their ticket using Delay Repay.

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