Treasury’s environmental tax revenues hit £44.5bn in 2014

Tim Wallace
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ENVIRONMENTAL taxes have increased by an average of five per cent per year over the past 22 years, the Office for National Statistics said yesterday.

The levies, such as fuel duty and energy production charges, raised £44.5bn last year.

That revenue represents 2.5 per cent of GDP, a rate which has remained roughly steady since 1993.

And the taxes raised 7.5 per cent of all government revenue last year.

The latest figures for each sector of the economy come from 2012.

They show that businesses paid £20.8bn in 2012, or 50.1 per cent of environmental taxes levied that year.

Households paid £20.4bn that year, an average of £765 each.

Two-thirds of the environmental taxes paid by households are energy taxes, led by motor fuel duty.