Research finds taking exercise beats going to the pub by a mile

IF YOU thought most of the nation was overweight or obese, and that taking exercise was far less popular than going to the pub, think again.

Research conducted on 2,005 British adults for Breast Cancer Care found that almost two-thirds (65 per cent) of us indulge in weekly exercise, while just a third (34 per cent) visit the pub every week.

“Our results clearly show that we are a nation who prefers exercise, rather than going to the pub,” said Claire Pulford, of Breast Cancer Care.

More than half of those asked (52 per cent) confessed to exercising 10 hours a week, while 12 per cent said they are daily addicts. Gender and regional differences do apply, however. Men are more likely than women to take exercise (67 per cent) and go to the pub (44 per cent). Meanwhile, Scots are the least likely to visit the boozer (31 per cent) and 67 per cent of Londoners exercise more than the national average.

■ Take a good look first if you have any old computer hardware to get rid of. In April, a recycling firm in California’s Silicon Valley received a donation of several boxes of old electronics from a woman who had cleaned out the garage after her husband died. In one of the boxes, buried under worthless keyboards, personal computer pieces and wires was a 1976 Apple 1, a groundbreaking home computer that initially sold for $666.66 (£435). CleanBayArea, the recycling firm, sold the Apple for $200,000 at auction. As the firm splits proceeds 50-50 with the person who donated the equipment, a $100,000 cheque is still waiting for the mystery female donor. Let’s hope she’s still watching the web.

■ Once Sepp Blatter’s reign as Fifa president finally ends, his 21-year tenure will have been four times as long as that of most bosses at FTSE 100 companies. After his 17-year stint, Blatter has already run the show for three times longer than the average FTSE 100 boss, who stays at the top an average of 5.25 years. However, the king of Fifa still has a long way to go to catch up with two long-standing FTSE bosses. Martin Gilbert boasts an impressive 32 years as chief, while WPP boss Martin Sorell has 29 under his belt. Surely not even Blatter will be able to top those figures.

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