Business leaders reveal Cameron scaled back ambitions for European Union reform

Ashley Kirk
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Cameron meets European president Jean-Claude Juncker (Source: Getty)

Business leaders have urged the Prime Minister not to ditch far-reaching plans he once made for the European Union.

A new report highlights ten policy areas where David Cameron once claimed he was seeking ambitious reform in the EU.

It suggests that a number of these demands, however, have been watered down or even dropped as his negotiations get underway in Europe.

The report, backed by Eurosceptic company bosses, states that one of the areas that Cameron has not mentioned recently is opting out of EU social and employment laws.

It argued that Cameron has not mentioned this since 2012, while he used to attack the EU's "damaging social role".

Other previous demands which the report urges him to deliver include cutting red tape for business and reducing EU finances.

The Business for Britain group states that their report is intended to outline the reforms Cameron has previously proposed, and express hopes he will deliver on them.

They have published a video highlighting the policies they would like to see implemented by the government.