Wembley bomb: Army removes device for detonation outside London

Catherine Neilan
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Army officers were still stablising the device this morning (Source: MoD)
Update: Police and army officers have removed the World War II bomb discovered in Wembley yesterday and are taking it to a location outside London, where it will be detonated.
The Nazi bomb was given a police escort as it was taken out of the densely populated area in north London.
The 50kg Sprengbombe-Cylindrisch German bomb was discovered on a building site on Empire Way yesterday. The area had been evacuated across several hundred metres, but businesses and residents were told they could start returning to their premises this afternoon.
Among those premises evacuated was Fountain Studios, where ITV1's high-rating entertainment series Britain's Got Talent is filmed.
Royal Engineers had built safety structures around the bomb to limit any potential explosion.
An MoD spokeswoman told City A.M. the team had spent much of yesterday and this morning stabilising and defusing the device. It is now being taken to a safe location, where it will be detonated without risk to the public.
This is the second time in two months the army has been called in to deal with an unexploded bomb from the Second World War.
In March builders found a 1000lb device, which was eventually exploded at an army barracks.

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