Maximum excitement on the final day

THE FINAL day of the Premier League season is often the most exciting, but with the title wrapped up weeks ago, and only two sides in danger of the drop, Sunday might not be as lively as normal.

Unless you’re spread betting of course! Spread bettors need to make up their minds which teams and players are going to be the most motivated.

Total goals and goal minutes could be the way to go. In the last five seasons there has been an average of 32 goals scored on the final day of the campaign.

Although this isn’t a huge amount more than a normal week, an average of 3.2 goals per game is still pretty high.

Sporting Index have loads of markets on all 10 Premier League fixtures, but they also have a series of aggregate markets.

They have pitched total goals at 30.1-31.1, so just below the average. The quote for Manchester City v Southampton goals is understandably high at 3.4-3.6, given that City have scored 11 more than anyone else this term.

However, Newcastle’s nervy home game against West Ham is 3-3.2 and that could be a little too high given the poor form of both sides.

Either way, there is plenty of excitement to be had with goals spread betting on the final day.

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