BT Group chief executive Gavin Patterson took home £4.4m last year

Catherine Neilan
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Gavin Patterson received 58 per cent of the maximum bonus allowed (Source: Getty)
BT chief executive Gavin Patterson received a £1.3m bonus on top of his £950,000 basic for the last financial year, it has been revealed.
Patterson took home a total package worth more than £4.4m, up 5.7 per cent on last year.
Chief financial officer Tony Chanmugam received a bonus of £714,000 – half a million less than last year – reducing his overall package from £3.7m in 2013/2014 to £3.2m last year, despite having received a five per cent increase on his basic salary.
Directors received £9.19m in total, up from £9.15m the year before.
"The salaries for both Gavin and Tony remain positioned below the median against out comparator group of companies of a similar size and complexity," the company report said.
BT's revenue fell two per cent for the year ending March 31, although pre-tax profits rose 14 per cent, with the telecoms giant offering a 12.4p-per-share dividend.
The chairman of the remuneration committee Tony Ball said: “Both executive directors performed well against the set financial targets and made progress towards the customer service targets.
“They also delivered on personal contribution and purposeful company measures.
“As a result the annual bonus for the chief executive was 58 per cent of the maximum, and for the group finance director it was 54 per cent of the maximum.”
Patterson's maximum was 240 per cent of his salary, while Chanmugam could have received up to 210 per cent.

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