Scrabble updates word list: Lolz, Facetime, emoji and checkbox among latest new high-scoring additions

Catherine Neilan
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Scrabble has added 6,500 new words to is approved list (Source: Getty)
Collins Scrabble's new word list will either have you wahhing from your cakehole or lolzing with your bezzy, but if you want to get podiumed you're going to have to suck it up.
The iconic word game has issued an update for its legal lexicons with 6,500 new additions – and several of them take from the recent wave of text-speak, while giving you pretty decent scores.
Lolz, for example, would get you 13 points. Emoji gives you 14 points. Facetime brings in 15 points, while checkbox is worth a whopping 28 points.
Other additions include obvs (obvious), shizzle (a form of US rap slang), cakehole (mouth), ridic (ridiculous) and dench (excellent).
Here are some of the other new words (and definitions). It might be time to start practising...
Laughs at someone else’s or one’s own expense (13 points)
Talk with (someone) via the FaceTime application (15 points)
Interjection expressing disgust (12 points)
Digital icon used in electronic communication (14 points)
music (8 points)
Small clickable box on a computer screen (28 points)
Interjection used to express wailing (10 points)
Past tense of podium, finish in the top three places in a sporting competition (14 points)
Best friend (18 points)
Mouth (17 points)

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