David "London" Lammy and John "Flashy" Whittingdale recorded in Hansard

Is Lammy’s misspelled name hint at his future?
Making sure the political back-and-forth is properly noted in Parliament’s official record – Hansard, is a difficult job.

You might think though that just listing the names of the MPs, in the order in which that are sworn in, is one of the easier tasks that the minuters have to do.

Apparently not. A quick look in the recording of Tuesday’s official swearing in reveals some awkward cases of misspelled names.

David Lammy hopes to be the Capital’s next Mayor, but the Capitalist is fairly certain that “London” is not his middle name, as was written down.

While the new culture secretary, John Whittingdale, might be a controversial figure with the BBC, “flashy”, as is recorded as his middle name, is not a word frequently associated with him.

If you were wondering, the names should have actually read David “Lindon” Lammy, and John “Flasby” Whittingdale. Perhaps the Hansard writers were doing the pair a favour after all...

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