PM’s ex-adviser pulls no punches on banking jobs

Steve Hilton was shooting from the lip
STEVE HILTON, former adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron, co-founder and boss of Silicon Valley tech start-up Crowdpac, visiting professor at Stamford University, is in London to promote his book, More Human, Designing a World Where People Come First. Among a range of topics – from the throttling of the High Street by supermarkets to the unprecedented closure rate of the British pub, he indulges in more than a little bank-bashing.

Criticising the incestuous nature of the relationship between banking and politics, he writes: “It all stinks. The sense of systemic corruption is truly shocking. While they’re in the banks, they know they can one day end up supervising them in government. While they’re in government, they know they can one day end up in senior positions in banks.”

Just when you thought the trend of bank-bashing might be over.