Did Ivan Massow just become London's most honest candidate for the 2016 Mayoral election?

Emma Haslett
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Massow said he wanted to be "upfront and honest from the get-go" (Source: YouTube)

The race to replace Boris Johnson as Mayor just got interesting, after entrepreneur Ivan Massow launched his campaign - in disarmingly honest style.

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In a video published on YouTube, Massow - known for his outspoken manner - introduced himself, "warts and all", including the facts he is dyslexic and a recovering alcoholic. Take a look:

Massow has previously been pretty clear about his plans to run as Conservative candidate for Mayor, so it's no surprise he's running - but today he said he wanted to be "upfront and honest from the get-go".

"I’m not your typical politician, I hate red tape, I’ve been a Londoner for 25 years, I take the Tube and I get things done, which is why I think I’d make a positive impact on the city as Mayor. I also know I can’t do it alone, which is why I want to know what issues matter to other people.

"I will use their views to help me make decisions on what is best for London."

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