British people can't cope without the internet on holiday – most stay switched on even when abroad

Sarah Spickernell
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We just can't leave our phones alone (Source: Getty)

British people aren't very good at leaving the internet behind when they leave the country, a new survey has shown – it turns out 84 per cent stay switched on to their devices when taking a holiday abroad, despite the higher costs associated with it.

The findings, released by market research firm Webloyalty, also reveal how one in four chooses to buy extra data for their phones and tablets when taking a break, while over half use Facebook.
The way people use the internet when on holiday varies slightly between women and men, with the former tending to visit social media sites and apps like Whatsapp, while the latter generally uses it for maps.
Guy Chiswick, managing director at Webloyalty, said the high level of internet use reflects how we “no longer expect this to change just because we are in a different country”.
Accessing free Wi-Fi, buying tickets online, checking in on devices, and interacting with brands on social media is now an expectation when we’re on holiday.

More keen to show off than eat well

Britons generally regard informing their friends and family of the wonderful time they are having as more important than locating the best restaurants in an area. The research shows how 39 per cent go online to upload holiday snaps to social media sites, while just 23 per cent do so to read restaurant reviews.

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