It's going to be a cold and wet summer in Britain, thanks to the El Nino

Sarah Spickernell
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It looks like we're in for some heavy rain (Source: Getty)

Those hoping for sunshine and cloudless skies are going to be disappointed this summer – Australian meteorologists predict low temperatures and plenty of rain, and it's all because of the El Nino effect.

The weather phenomenon, which is caused by variations in ocean temperature, can result in both droughts and flooding, and in the case of the UK the latter is on the cards.
It is currently only in its early stages in the tropical Pacific, but today the Australian Bureau of Meteorology said the El Nino could become “substantial” over the coming months.
This would lead to extreme weather conditions all over the world, with droughts hitting Australia and serious floods occurring in the US. In the UK, the meteorologists predict a cold, wet summer and a freezing winter.
Weather Channel meteorologist Leon Brown said: "We will have a cooler summer than normal. We are not expecting any long spells of hot weather.
"The Jet Stream will be a bit further south than normal. That tends to bring wetter weather to Britain.
"El Niño might give us cooler weather. You will struggle to have a hotter summer with El Niño and the Jet Stream being where it is."

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