EU referendum: German finance minister says Europe won't be rushed on UK's demands

Sarah Spickernell
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The two finance ministers discussed the UK's demands earlier today (Source: Getty)

Prime Minister David Cameron has only just formed his new all-tory new cabinet, but already he's trying to get the ball rolling on Europe.

In fact, earlier today it was reported that he wants to bring the referendum on EU membership forward to next year. First of all, he wants to try and get a better deal for the UK by renegotiating its relationship with the rest of the bloc.
If Wolfgang Schauble has his way, however, that won't be happening any time soon. According to the FT, the German finance minister said today that Europe won't be rushed into meeting the UK's demands for changes to the treaty.
The comment followed talks with UK chancellor George Osborne, who has been given the task of negotiating EU reform. The pair met at the monthly meeting between EU finance ministers, but discussions on the matter were informal and not a central part of the event.
Schauble was adamant that the reopening of treaties wouldn't take place for some time, and that things would happen “step by step”.
“The opinion of the German government has always been that we need treaty changes, whenever, the sooner the better,” he said after the meeting. “But the realistic assessment of the German government is that it is not at all certain that this can be achieved quickly.”
Cameron's proper renegotiation attempt will begin in June, prior to a summit where the new Eurozone reform plan is due to be presented to ministers.

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