Uber fundraising: Here's one chart showing how fast its valuation has grown

Emma Haslett
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Despite controversy, Uber is on course to becoming the most valuable privately-funded startup in history (Source: Getty)

Another day, another Uber funding round - this time the cab app is looking to raise between $1.5bn and $2bn, a report has suggested.

If it does raise that much (and let's be honest - it almost certainly will), Uber will be valued at $50bn, setting it on a course to become the most valuable privately-funded business in history.

It says a lot that even when Facebook was at its pre-IPO strongest, it was only valued at $50bn.

Just to put that value into perspective, here's a chart showing just how much its valuation has leaped, as private equity firms have become increasingly competitive about getting in on its funding rounds. Not bad, for a company which still classes itself as a "startup"...

NB. This data misses out Uber's first four funding rounds, for which we have no valuation data.

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