Timeline to a Greek tragedy: How Syriza has fared in its first 100 days

Emma Haslett and Chris Parmenter

As one country goes to the polls to decide who will lead it for the next five years, another is taking a moment to reflect on the ramifications of its own choices: Syriza, the leftist party voted in during a snap election in January, celebrates its 100th day in power today.

Given the party was voted in on a fiercely anti-austerity manifesto, getting Greece out of its quagmire was never going to be plain sailing for Syriza's leader, Alexis Tsipras, and his finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis. Greece's debt stands at 175 per cent of GDP, while unemployment continues to sit stubbornly above 27 per cent.

But even compared with expectations, Tsipras' first 100 days in office have been tough: on top of stand-offs with both his lenders and fellow eurozone leaders, he's also been forced to sideline one of his most trusted allies, Varoufakis, in negotiations with the Eurogroup of lenders.

From election day to its unlikely allegiance with Russia, here's everything that's happened during Syriza's first 100 days.

25 January

Greece's hard left Syriza party wins a snap election, installing Alexis Tsipras as its prime minister and "rock star" economist Yanis Varoufakis as its finance minister. The news causes analysts to speculate about a "new European crisis"
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Greece elects new leadership

17 February

Syriza's first order of business: extend its current bailout deal by four months. But talks fall into disarray after a draft statement Varoufakis has agreed to is heavily edited
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20 February

After a tour of European capitals, Tsipras is forced to sign up to a list of economic reforms to unlock a $267bn bailout. That list is still being debated.

24 February

Following days of negotiations, Greece's lenders approve a first wave of reforms, extending Greece's bailout deal by four months
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The measures include a pledge to address Greece's so-called "humanitarian crisis"

16 March

Varoufakis and his wife are widely mocked after they appear in a spread in French magazine Paris Match
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Yanis Varoufakis: “I wish that shoot had not taken place. I regret it”

19 March

More Varoufakis japes: he insists he definitely didn't show the finger to Germany in a video uploaded to YouTube - before the video's German producer admits the tape was faked
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'Can you believe this guy?'

06 April

Varoufakis insists the country is ready to "meet all obligations" to its creditors - including a €450bn loan repayment due to the IMF that week
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Varoufakis's reforms have not satisfied creditors so far

09 April

Tsipras risks straining relations with Europe still further by meeting with Vladimir Putin
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The pair vowing to “restart relations” between their countries

10 April

A Finnish paper reports that "secret plans" are being drawn up to kick Greece out of the Eurozone
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"Together with Russia are we able to build a new architecture of security in Europe"

13 April

A German paper reports that Brussels Group officials are "shocked" by Greece's lack of progress at identifying reforms
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The City will hold its breath on Greece until next week, analysts have suggested

20 April

The Bank of Greece writes to local governments to ask for cash they aren't likely to spend in the next 15 days
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The Bank of Greece said the demands were due to "unforeseen circumstances"

24 April

Angela Merkel describes negotiations in Riga as "constructive", causing markets to rise
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Unless a deal is reached, Greece will go bankrupt

28 April

Varoufakis is "stepped back" from working with the Brussels Group as negotiations become fraught. He responds with a tweet
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Finance minister Yanis Varoufakis calls out the haters by quoting Franklin D Roosevelt

29 April

Varoufakis and his wife are attacked in an Athens restaurant by a group of anarchists
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Niether Varoufakis nor his wife were injured

12 May

Payment of nearly €1bn is due to the IMF. The group has warned Greece's lenders may need to write off some of their debt.
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The Greek government will enter into further negotiations today

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