General Election 2015: Quiz - How well do you know your election gaffes?

Lynsey Barber
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Gaffes: We've all been there (Source: Getty)

As the campaign trail comes to an end today, the party leaders are likely breathing a sigh of relief and giving themselves a pat on the back for overcoming the trials, tribulations and many potential pitfalls which litter the road to Number 10.

In an age where hawk-eyed political types are watching the every move, look, tweet and, of course, table manners of politicians, this election has been a surprisingly gaffe-free one - much to the disappointment of some.

Despite the highly stage-managed performances, there were still the odd few awkward moments which slipped through the net.

Think you know them? Put your election knowledge to the test and see if you can guess the gaffe.

A picture's worth a thousand words

The photo opp, however stage-managed, always runs the risk of being overshadowed by a completely unexpected turn. At one school in Bolton, in front of a room full of photographers, one girl inadvertently summed up the public's feelings about the entire election with just a move of her head. Who was the unfortunate leader sitting next to her?

That car crash interview

One leader's performance on a radio show to discuss the party's manifesto was labeled a complete car crash. Who was it that blamed a "mental brain fade" for the disaster?

Throwing in the kitchen sink

We learned Miliband has two kitchens and Cameron let slip that he wouldn't seek a third term as PM whilst being interviewed in his. Oops. But which party leader has a chopping board with the words "calm down dear" on, referencing a previous gaffe which caused a furor?

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