Maximum excitement on the general election

THE GENERAL Election is made for spread betting. Sporting Index traders have been crunching the numbers for months and have hundreds of markets on what is set to be the closest race to Number 10 in over 40 years.

These include total number of seats the main parties achieve, the turnout percentage, who will be the next Prime Minister, constituency indices for the closest races, plus specials and matchbets galore.

One of the most popular markets that bettors have been getting stuck into is the seats market. The Conservatives are predicted to pick up 287-291 tonight, with Labour’s share pitched at 263-267.

If you bought Tory seats at 291 you would need David Cameron’s party to win at least 292 to make a profit. Similarly, if you sold Labour seats at 263 you would need them to win 262 or less to make a profit.

Winnings or losses are calculated on how right or wrong you are. So if you bought the turnout percentage at 68.8% and it was 75%, then you would make 6.2 times your stake profit (75-68.8=6.2).

However, if turnout was only 64%, then buyers at 68.8% would lose 4.8 times their stake (68.8%-64=4.8).

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Losses can exceed your initial deposit. Prices subject to fluctuation.