Watch: How election night (and the next morning) will unfold as constituencies declare across the country - from the first seat in Sunderland South to the last in St Ives

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It feels like everything has been building up to the one day when the country casts its vote.

However, the crucial part of the General Election comes slightly later after votes have been cast, when each of the UK's 650 constituencies declares the much-anticipated result.

As ballots are counted, checks made and rules followed, the announcements will start trickling in from late evening of polling day, carrying on through the night and the next morning, no doubt accompanied by weary and bleary eyed candidates either celebrating or commiserating as the sun rises the day after polling day.

Polls close from 10pm and the first area expected to call is Sunderland South at around 11pm. Bookies expect this result - which has been the fastest ballot count in the country for the previous six General Elections - in at 11:08pm.

After Sunderland kicks things off, results will be coming in from across the country at pretty regular intervals until around 7am. There will be a few stragglers reporting at midday on 8 May, with St Ives the last result to be announced at around 1pm the day after polling day - though the result is usually immaterial since the outcome can be called from the majority of seats called earlier.

Watch how the night and early morning will unfold across the country below in this stunning visualisation.

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