Why lonely Apple Watch owners are sharing their heartbeats with strangers

Emma Haslett
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All by myself... (Source: Getty)

If you share a heartbeat and there's no one at the other end to feel it, has that heartbeat been shared at all? Apple Watch users have clubbed together on Reddit to solve that very problem - by creating a board just for those feeling a bit isolated with their newly-acquired Apple Watches.

Let's explain: because the watches were on a limited run, they're currently fairly few and far between. But the watch is designed to bring people together, with "Digital Touch" features which allow users to share drawings or their heartbeats, or even let someone know they're thinking of them with a "tap".

Because only a few thousand were made in the first run, Apple Watch users are now feeling rather lonely - so the Reddit board - "lonelyheartbeats" - has been created so new watch owners can feel their first (digital) touch of humanity.

The board is heaving with lonely Watch owners eager to make the most of their new gadgets. "Feel free to Digital Touch me" implores one, while another says "Let's get our tap on".

Meanwhile, others are less impressed: "I own an Apple Watch and I find this pathetic," complains one.

The good news is, watch ownership is about to become a less lonely business. While the first run was limited, more are due to be released soon. It won't be long before those lonelyheartbeats find a match. Until then, if worst comes to worst, one Redditor reckons "You can Digital Touch yourself". Although we wouldn't recommend it...

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