It turns out Londoners spend 12 hours a day online

Emma Haslett
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Londoners spend half their lives online, the study suggested (Source: Getty)

Londoners spend 12 hours a day online, a new study suggests - three hours more than the average UK resident.

The study, by fibre broadband provider Hyperoptic, reckons that with an average of five web-connected devices each, including phones, computers, TVs, games consoles, music players and lighting systems, those living in the capital have a more digital home than anyone else in the country.

And so deep and meaningful is Londoners' relationship with Tweeting, poking, etc, 45 per cent said they'd rather give up chocolate for a week than their broadband connection.

Another 24 per cent said they would relinquish alcohol, while 22 per cent said they'd give up sex.

That's hardly surprising, given those in the capital tend to spend more hours at their desks and more time commuting (ergo, fiddling with their phones) than anyone else.

But enthusiasm for being connected isn't just limited to those in the capital - another study of students last year by Aruba Network found they would sooner give up coffee, sex - and eating altogether - than give up their phone.

Nevertheless, Dana Tobak, Hyperoptic's managing director, pointed out that the UK is a "nation of fast adopters and internet enthusiasts".

"Connectivity plays a key role in how we work, shop and relax."

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